Family therapy

The family is the solid foundation that we willingly create for ourselves and our children. Although they have good intentions, many families are caught up in times of hardship and distress, which places the family structure at risk.

At times, parents are forced to deal with pressures that enforce relationship power struggles and create a hostile atmosphere. As a result, parental authority is damaged, the children suffer, and the intimate relationship is jeopardized.

Effective family relationship brings back the strong parental partnership, reestablishes parental authority and provides children with a much-needed sense of security. As a certified family therapist, I help families look inwards in systematic fashion, in order to cultivate their partnership and gradually reduce their “one-on-one” power struggle tendencies.

I offer a change-oriented therapeutic setting, which integrates private and family sessions. The average length of treatment is six months to a year. A meaningful change – the creation of a space that facilitates emotional and intellectual development – can be felt after approx. 10 meetings.