Couples Therapy

Most of us want to experience a loving and empowering relationship with our spouse. A good relationship is the key to good parenting, and creates a foundation for both individuals to give, receive, and flourish.

A relationship is a living thing. It is constantly changing, even when we do not notice. Even loving couples, who are willing to work hard to sustain a healthy relationship, often find themselves in crisis they can’t seem to get out of. Why?

A relationship has numerous growth stages. We are all familiar with “The Honeymoon” stage. But what happens after the honeymoon ends? Naturally, we will always experience personal identity struggles within the living being that is “our love”. Many couples find it hard to deal with these struggles, and their relationships pay the price.

As a certified couples therapist, I have been treating couples for over two decades. I help them embark on a journey that rekindles their love, makes room for excitement and strengthens their erotic intelligence. I gently lead couples to meaningful crossroads that enrich their inner lives.

Couples therapy helps couples neutralize their power struggles, gradually remove their respective “armors”, and feel the full strength of mutual growth and empowerment.

"Our relationships live in the space-in-between which is sacred. The meaning is to be found neither in one of the two partners nor both together but only in their dialogue itself, in the "between" which they live together". Martin Buber, The Knowledge of Man.