Vered Comay – My Background

I was born in South Africa and made Aliyah to Israel with my family at a young age. I was raised in Jerusalem. After my army service, I began my academic training as a therapist. I have a BA in Behavioral Studies and an MA in Educational Counseling from Ben Gurion University.

My employment background includes over 20 years in Israel's Psychological Consulting Service (“Shefi”), where I worked in the fields of youth prevention and adult training. I educated parents and educational teams on healthy family life.

My training included couples and family therapy at Shinui – the Israeli Institute for Systematic Studies, Family and Personal Change. Today, after 14 years as a family and couples therapist, I have come full-circle and am training the therapists of the future. Over the years, I have worked at the department of welfare and at NA’AMAT, where I received my official certification as a family therapist. I am a member of the Family Therapy Association (membership no. 2415). In addition, I treat many couples and families in my private clinic in Raanana.

In addition to my private practice, I teach and lecture on subjects I feel are important, such as sexual education, family education and dealing with adolescence. I lecture on a regular basis at the Kaplan School for Welfare, the Israel Family Planning Association (“Open Door”) and other institutions.

Throughout my professional life, I found it important to focus on the changes and perceptions that exist in the field of family and couples therapy. As a result, I have acquired vast knowledge and completed numerous training courses, including the Family and Couple Therapy Training Course (Shinui), Mediation Course (Tel Aviv University), Psychodynamic Training (Tel Aviv University), and Imago Training Course (Shinui). I am also certified as an Imago therapist by Imago Relationships International. I am also a certified supervisor for family and couples therapists.